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This space is intended to answer all questions you have regarding this application. If your question persists, contact us by mail. Exhausts are always willing to answer.
How many times can I run this application?
As many times as you want, but our recommendation is that you only do it once a day.
Can I use it for my friends?
Of course, as long as you know your friend's ID and follow the three simple steps.
Should I turn my cell phone off and on?
No. It is never necessary to root your phone, or even keep the game open, because the application works directly with the server.
Can you forbid me to use your trick?
Yes but it is possible to avoid it. How? Following our recommendation only once a day.
I wanted to use the trick, but even if I tried, it never worked
This may occur when the username is entered incorrectly. Retype it, but if the problem continues, then write us by email.