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The creative team of "Clash of Kings Hack and Cheats" has designed an excellent trick that can be executed without any disadvantage. That is one of the reasons to say that each member of the team is important. Thanks to each of them.

Tom Bundlick (CEO)

Tom is the mastermind of ideas. No one has ideas as fabulous as his, which always makes players happier. Your participation in this team is imperative.

Agota B (Customer Service)

She is the one who manages our email and who decides whether or not to forward each email to any of the other team members. Your personality is very good, but it is inevitable that you will get angry if you are not respectful when you contact us by email.

Kupir (Programmer)

He is in charge of the most complicated and strong work, since he must create incredible tricks likes this with only the ideas of Tom and the orders of Agota.